Can You Hear God?

In my forty, er.. ummm…30+ years I have finally learned a lesson. It is easier to listen to God and do what He asks than to live with the regret of not.

****Disclaimer….. this post is not about what I did and I should receive no glory for it. It’s purely about God and how great He truly is.**** If you will only listen, He wants to speak to you today.
I saw a post recently on a Facebook page about someone needing help hauling a trailer. He was offering money and God and I had just had a conversation about finances. I NEVER reply to posts like that unless I know the person. Anyway, I saw the post and then walked away. I couldn’t get it out of my head and looked at it 3 or 4 times. Finally I felt as if maybe it was an answer to my prayer. I made contact with him and got loaded up. He paid me before we took off and away we went. As I am driving I was praying and thinking about those who had requested prayer. My mind periodically wandered off to the plans I had made for the day that were now a bust. I was going to spend the day on the tractor mowing (which I really needed to do). God had other plans.
As we were driving down the Interstate, me following the guy, I felt God telling me to take out $20 of the money he gave me. My first thought went to, that’s almost half a tank of gas! I passed it off as me being silly. Again, I could hear it inside of me to take $20 out of my pocket.

Finally, I reluctantly took the money out. By this time, we were off the interstate and travelling through some small towns. I could hear God tell me to find an ink pen and write exactly what I tell you. On one side, write “Jesus loves you very much”. On the other side, write “Jesus really does love you!” and “Blessings to you”. Then I was to place it in a location they would find it and not to just give it to him. This is NOT something I would ever do. It wasn’t me doing it. It was God’s plan, not mine. Me helping this person out wasn’t about me. Turns out, it was about God wanting to show his love for someone else.

Is there something God is trying to tell you? That nagging feeling that you keep getting, like you should be doing something but keep making excuses? If it’s something that will give glory to God, it’s God. Quit making excuses! You will feel so much better if you do!

***I share this to help others listen for the voice of God and not to shine a spotlight in any direction but to Him.****


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